Comprehensive pregancy conduct

We make, every effort to ensure that the waiting time for the birth of a child proceed safe and comfortable. We provide comprehensive care, access to the most modern diagnostics offered by today's gynecology. Specialists will answer any questions and doubts bothering pregnant women, and provide the needed support.

REMEMBER: the first visit of a healthy pregnant woman should takes place in 8-9 weeks pregnancy. By the 10th week, a woman should have a panel of biochemical tests done from blood and urine.

It is vital IMPORTANT that a woman who has a chronic illness - or more than one miscarriage in her medical history, or her previous pregnancies were complicated - went to the gynecologist within one or two weeks after a positive pregnancy test. It is necessary, to determine the treatment and how to conduct the pregnancy at the early stages.

 VISITING SCHEDULE:  If the pregnancy is healthy, then till the 28th week, visits to the gynecologist are once every 4 weeks. After the 28th week of a normal pregnancy, women should visit every two weeks. From 38 weeks, visits are weekly.