Vaccinations for children

When the baby appears in the world, every parent wants to take care of its life and health in the best possible way. Parent will do everything in his power, to protect his child against all risks, including illness. One of the most effective methods of protecting a child - from the first days of its life - are protective vaccinations. Many myths have arisen around vaccination, so it is worth finding out what vaccines really are, how they work and why they are a great ally in the fight for health and resistance to infective diseases. If you have concerns - tell your doctor about them, learning more about vaccine will help you better understand why they are so important. Since vaccines were invented, many diseases, including deadly ones, have been eliminated. The obligatory use of vaccines has increased the so-called collective immunity. By vaccinating ourselves, we also protect those who cannot be vaccinated.

What is a vaccine??

A vaccine is a biological preparation containing precisely defined, modified germs or their Fragments and supporting substances, which is intended to imitate a natural infection. This leads to the development of immunity, similary to that obtained by the body when it first comes into contact with a real microorganism.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to the vaccine, the body learns to fight the real disease, but under much more favorable conditions than the disease. The body gets the opportunity to learn what antibodies it should produce, when in the fight against a specific microorganism. When its meets with a bacteria or virus in its full form - our organism will be prepared to defend himself and he will be able to neutralize them faster.