Surgical treatment of Bartholin abscess

Surgical treatment of Bartholin abscess
The most common cause of inflammation of the Bartholin gland is a bacterial infection, as a result of which there is swelling and clogging of the outlet of the exit ducts. As a result, the mucus produced by the vestibular glands accumulates to form a cyst, and if bacteria get inside it - an abscess will form. The most effective and often the only method of treating large cysts is surgical treatment.
Treatment of large cysts may be done two different ways:
1. Surgical enucleation of the entire cyst together with the secretion collected inside.
2. Marsupialization of the cyst, witch is opening by incision and cleaning the inside of the cyst. After the procedure, the doctor sews the gland walls to the skin.
In our center, treatments are performed using of a modern Leonardo® Dual laser. The 45W diode laser, combined with special optical fibers and treatment sets, has a wide range of unique medical applications, incl. for removal of Bartholin's gland abscess. Fast laser cutting has an increased hemostatic effect. Thanks to the use of this ultra-modern device, treatment and healing are quick and comfortable.