For many women, restoring the aesthetic appearance of intimate organs means regaining self-confidence, comfort in everyday life and quality of sexual life. It should be emphasized that labiominoroplasty, witch means the correction of the labia minora, is performed for medical indications, such as in the case of large asymmetry causing discomfort, and enlarged labia minora hindering daily functioning.

Overgrown or asymmetrical labia can be corrected by labiaplasty. At Mama i Ja the procedure is performed using a laser. As a result of the procedure, deformed or oversized folds of the vulva mucosa are corrected. The most of the times excess tissue is simply removed.

Restoring proper physiology and functionality are extremely important at any age. Noteworty is fact that the labioplasty procedure is performed in both young and mature women.
Indications for labiaplasty:
• Asymmetry equalization
• Shape change
• Hypertrophy of the labia minora, also after childbirth
• Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of intimate areas
• Discomfort, chafing and irritation during intercourse and everyday life (e.g. during exercise)
• Difficulties in maintaining hygiene of intimate areas
• Recurrent infections
Laser therapy in center we use a carbon monoxide laser. Carbon dioxide lasers are very widey used in modern medicine and therefore, depending on medical indications and doctor recommendations, they are used for removal:
- warts,
- small polyps,
- erosion
- affected cervical fragments,
- in the treatment of HPV infection

The carbon dioxide laser is especially recommended for combating skin lesions arising in the genital organs as a result of HPV infection, e.g. condylomata acuminata. Compared to other treatments, the laser strike is very precise. This means that only those lesions that need to be removed are removed, without injuring the surrounding healthy tissues.