Antyconception also known as family planning, is the use of available methods and measures to prevent pregnancy and control the birth of your baby. Contraception methods can be:
* natural
* hormonal
* chemical
* mechanical.
Each method has a different effect and purpose. For a contraceptive to be safe and effective, many factors must be taken into account, including a woman's age, state of health, needs and beliefs.In order for the doctor to choose the best contraception, he must know the patient's expectations and take into account the state of health and assess the physiological factors of the body.

One of the modern contraceptive methods is the intrauterine hormonal system IUS (Intra-Uterine System), which is a combination of a traditional intrauterine device with a system releasing synthetic progesterone– levonorgestrel (LNG). The system works by releasing a hormone that is very similar to those naturally occurring in women and is a safe and, above all, reversible way of contraception.

At Mama i Ja Center, they are available:
-MIRENA AND KYEELENA - is a modern type of hormonal IUDs
-LEVOSERT- intrauterine therapeutic system with contraceptive effect.
-Intra Uterine Ball TM (IUB TM) - the latest generation non-hormonal IUD
- Ultrasonography
-Gynecological ultrasound - belongs to the examinations performed each time during medical consultations. It is used prophylactically to assess the condition of a woman's reproductive organs and the menstrual cycle, and when suspecting and treating diseases of women's organs. It is completely safe and non-invasive. Ultrasound can be performed through the abdominal and transvaginal integuments.